Shubin Donaldson Collateral

Rebranding a 25 year old California based architecture firm. Using their mantra of “Form follows intention” as a launching point, a word mark and logo was developed to capture this sentiment.

A subtle reflection of angles in the typography displays a formal rigor while also being slightly unconventional. In addition to the word mark, an ambiguous logo was designed to convey the firm’s approach to design. Interior or exterior, flat or volumetric—the logo creates an instantaneous dialogue with the viewer.

These elements were then applied to a stationery system that uses spatial tension and subtle textual and textural elements both in materials and printing techniques. The execution of the stationery elements celebrates tactility and materiality in the same way the architects do in their structures.

The celebration of form and material is similarly expressed in a holiday mailing card that was fabricated from a sheet of metal. Etched and cut through, the card is elevated to more than a throwaway.