Brad Collins

Here’s the thing to know about Brad: he loves design, but he really loves talking to people, zeroing in on their challenges, and then pulling a well-designed rabbit out his hat to solve them.

Before arriving at graphic design, Brad studied physics, then English, then architecture—not quite the standard education for a graphic designer, but excellent training for a business advisor who uses design to communicate at a strategic level.


Jessica Cassettari

When Jess came as an intern in 2011, it was for a month-long trial. After which she was promptly offered a position that didn’t exist. It’s not often you find initiative, creativity, resourcefulness and responsibility in one package and when you do, you should hire it. In true Group C form, Jess doesn’t just get design, she gets communication and she gets things done.


Matthew Solomon

Matt works on website design, development and training. He stays up on the bleeding edge so that you don’t have to. Matt has an MFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design, and a BFA in Graphic Communication from the University of Houston. He is committed to developing he next generation of designers, splitting his time at Group C with his teaching duties at the University of New Haven.


Lucie Carbonneaux

Lucie is a french graphic designer, she arrived in New Haven Connecticut at the beginning of 2013. She has been since then part of Group C focusing on identity development, messaging strategy, website design and signage. She has also taught a typography class at the University of New Haven.


Travis Carbonnella

Travis is a New Haven-based freelance videographer who specializes in storytelling. He is a phenomenal interviewer, with more than 10 years of experience putting people at ease. We sometimes wonder if he should be on the other side of the camera. Some day he probably will be. He graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University, and is also a media educator for Common Ground High School in New Haven.


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